Monday, January 19, 2009


So I started the day off fairly decent. I was up all night helping my daughter fix her computer. The video card fried and she had been messing with it without telling me so I didn't know it was bad until she got a black screen and started hollering for me to do something. blinks That was about 1 a.m. when I was getting ready to sleep. Anywho, we finally got it fixed about 6:30 a.m. She then fixed us some bean soup which I had leftover from Sunday. I ate 1 cup plus 1 cup of Almond Breeze, vanilla. All was well but then I fell asleep.

Sooo like a dummy I woke up around noon and was hungry after about 30 minutes. I knew she was going to sleep till who knows when so I picked up my phone and ordered Chinese. Dun Dun!! I have NO freaking will power. I ordered Thai coconut soup, sweet and sour chicken lunch which included a scoop of rice, one egg roll and one chicken wing. I ordered for her too and woke her up. I oinked out. I'm so lousy right now with laziness it's not even funny and its umtifrump hours later. I'm sucking on ice water and silently cussin' myself out because I failed so miserably today. I mean what makes a person do that. I KNOW better yet I just stuffed it all in like I'd never eaten in my life. I just think I should starve myself for three days till I shibitz it all out. I'm not giving up but damnit what's wrong with me. I am a bit stressed about my book and a few other things but to OINK out like that is uncalled for. le sigh.

In case you are wondering why I didn't just get up and go to the kitchen well for about three days I've been in a lot of pain with my legs and it's been a chore to get to the bathroom. I do my exercises from the side of my bed which is in the living room. Our living room looks like a dormitory now. I have my bed in there and my daughter has her bed in there as she is somewhat my caretaker. Yeah it's that bad sometimes but I do mostly what I can for myself unless I'm in this position with swollen, leaky legs, yuk. So there it is. Stupid Monday and Stupid me. I'm just a big ol' southern Pig. Oink... :-(

Have a blessed day and don't follow me down the "pity party I ate too much damnit" road. Oh and by the way my daughter didn't Oink out. She ate a little soup, two bites of her broccoli beef two bites of rice and was done with it. Aaand I did get a lecture... "MOM!!" etc...

Ms. Piggy


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. We all have slip ups, and, even in a joking manner, negative self talk does more harm than good.

    Just keep trying :)

  2. Yesterday is behind you (maybe in more ways than one, butt...). Start new today. Don't let what happened yesterday make you feel like you blew it and what the heck. Just start fresh today and don't look back.

  3. Ok, at the risk of sounding preachy......Stop the negative self talk!!! You are human. Weight loss is a journey where you will be learning lessons. Take each little speed bump (eating too much chinese food) as an opportunity to learn. Learn about yourself.....why you do you feel afterwards. You see, success is contingent upon these lessons!

    I look at weight loss as a war. There will be many battles along the way. I will not win all the battles...but when I lose I try to learn from my mistakes so that the next time I do battle, I have more knowledge and more 'armor' to help me see it through.

    The beauty of your current situation. When you lose the weight and you are up dancing around...dare I say running around, you will be able to look back and there will be NO DOUBT about how far you have come!


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