Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Hoobagoobis . . .
I know you probably wonder what the HOOBAGOBIS is. Well it's when you're not quite sure what you have but you know you have it. I've had gastritis for the past 6 days. Sick as a dog and tummy in an uproar. I ate a diet peanut butter cup a few days before I got sick an was sure I had contracted salmonella. After all I DO live in Georgia where the dun dun....horrible peanut plant is. But after a visit to the emergency room I was told it is gastritis. It's calming down now but oh my tummy. Thank the lord for 7-up and chicken stock; it's all I've been able to stomach. So because of all this I've lost 4 lbs. , but not due to dieting. My granddaughter will be here tomorrow with her sweetie to visit me for a week. She's the one who is going to make me a great granma. She's moving here for 6 months because her honey's job brings him here but she is leaving in July to have the baby back in Florida. So it will be nice to be around her. They will be looking for an apartment close to where we live. Diet wise I can't even give it a thought until I feel stronger. This really hit me hard but as I said I'm on the upswing now I think. . . I hope at least. Ya'll have a blessed day and be safe out there in all that inclement weather. Much Love.
Mother Hubbard