Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back In The Saddle!! No Horse . . . Ha Ha!

So life is good. No I still can't walk except for two small steps to my wheelchair but I'm alive. I think this evening I'm going to try to get up on my scale and see if I can stand long enough by myself to weigh meh! Of course I'll be with my walker and my daughter will be there with me so I don't fall. Oh yes when I fall I can't get up. It took 4 firemen to get me onto the stretcher when I fell this time cuz my danged legs paralyzed due to the renal failure. But yes on to better subjects. I am really curious how much weight I have lost. I downloaded Open Office Wordprocessor since my Microsoft Word decided to so into its own void somewhere in the universe. I'm learning the ropes of the program and will be able to continue with my newest book about the civil war.
Thank you Shelly for your kind words. Mary Fran thank you also and I'm praying for your neice. Deborah I've missed you too. Oh and my daughter put up a hummingbird feeder right outside of my window. I got that idea from you *smiles*. So far there have only been one or two a day but I read that the females are now busy feeding their young but when the young learn to fly they will be around more. Oh and she put up a bird feeder too that the danged Racoons knocked down two nights in a row and robbed the seed. My husband went out and pouned it firmly into the ground. So no more problem with the coons but acrobat squirell has discovered the seed. Funny little guy he drops the seed and the chipmunks come running! Lol a plethora of wild life outside of my window.

So I haven't eaten yet today and it's 4:00 pm. Guess I need to get my daughters rear in gear to get me something healthy. I have to watch my Potassium intake so I eat more fruit and veggies that are low in Potassium. I eat a lot of chicken and fish and have to limit a lot. Can't wait to see if I can get on that danged scale tonight.

Blessing to ya'll and have a beautiful day. Much Love. I've missed you all and am still catching up on posts.

Till next time. . .
Mother Hubbard

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm Baaak... *smiles*

Hi ya'll. Well I first off want to say how much I missed everyone's blogs and I have a poopload of reading to do. I was hospitalized for a long time. I suffered from Renal Failure. and thanks to the good Lord and the hospital staff they all brought me back from deaths door an, I am now recovering. I am confined majorly to my wheelchair and bed and can barely walk where as before I could walk with my walker. I now have physical therapy and can do some necessary exercises thanks to my daughter who takes care of me here at home. I have lost a lot of weight but not sure how much because I can't stand on a scale yet but I know I have lost in inches. I guess this time it was a wake up call to keep up the weight loss because that is the only thing that will help me to be able to walk a little better in the future along with healing these wounds I have from the venious stasis I have had for 5 years. Somehow while I was in the hospital my Microsoft Word program completely disappeared from my computer so I have to save a little $$ to buy a new program. Thus, I can't continue with my newest book but I do write down a little here and there on a notepad. I barely eat anything these days and haven't much of an appetite but I manage and they tell me it is important to get proteint. I have to watch my potassium intake also so I'm really limited to the veggies and fruits but I manage a good salad everyday and I am eating taboullah which my kidney specialist said was ok a few times a week. Oh and how did this thing with my kidneys happen? Well I had paid in my lower legs from the wounds caused by the venous stasis and I took lots of Motrin for pain. BIG NO NO. It has potassium in it and as now I am 60 and considered elderly *frowns* it isn't good to take too much.
Sooo now I am really careful and the doctor has given me something mild to manage the pain plus I try to ignore it the best I can. So that about wraps it up as to where I've been. I can't wait to read all about your adventures and your climb up the ladder to weight loss. Tain't easy McGee and I understand this but keep on keeping on. Much love to you all and God Bless. More soon. . .