Sunday, January 18, 2009


So there must be something magical in the vat of chicken shell soup my daughter made for me the other day because today I feel so much better. Yesterday after Rhett's floor waffle situation I came back to my bed and worked on the ever present query letter rather than blog. *mutter mutter mutter* It really bothered me about the waffles...I mean he not only washed the frozen waffles off but dried them off with a paper towel then toasted them and put them BACK in the freezer. I had to make sure they were wrapped seperate from the others as I DO floor waffles. Later I wondered at this but my husband is Greek from the island of Cyprus. He grew up with a family of 10 in a small one room house where the kitchen was another little building outside of the sleeping/living area. They were poor farmers and food to them was sacred, especially with all the kids to feed and clothe. So he is conservative in odd little ways. Actually sometimes it is kind of funny but it's ok I just nod and fume a bit then relax. He's really a nice man. I always call us Jack Sprat and his wife as he has always been thin and me fat well heavy but now I'm a fatty. Weird how he was the one to have the heart attack but when they were little kids they ate lard on toasted bread because they didn't have butter. And they ate a lot of pig..erm pork products along with fried food. So his whole family has a history with cholesterol problems and mine doesn't. Sooo after his quadruple coronary bypass he changed his way of eating drastically and now so have I and our youngest daughter who still lives with us. I jus wanned to splain all dat Lucy in case you tawt mah hasband was a nutty boi!! LOL.

Anyway, her soup made me feel so much better by the end of the day I managed to do 45 minutes of exercise!! Yay. I also made out my weekly "I think I'm going to eat this on these days...maybe" list. I don't always follow it but I have been substituting other good things in case I'm not in the mood to eat that particular food. Did that make sense? Today I feel relatively good too and am planning on exercising a bit later in the day. I ate some soup for breakfast and a small glass of Almond Breeze vanilla. I'm full. I'm also going to work on that danged query letter. I wish I would stop beating myself up about it but I just want an agent to like the letter because it really tells something about the luck to me. I hope all of you who have been feeling poorly are feeling much better and I can see that by some of the posts I've read. Keep up the good work as I see many of you have set goals for yourselves and are following what you have set for yourselves. If you've cheated DON'T beat yourselves up. Just pick up and start over...but then you know that. Ok I'm rambling. Have a blessed day y'all!

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  1. Glad you're better.

    Floor waffles wouldn't bother me, but they likely wouldn't hit the floor: One of the dogs would nab it mid-fall ;)


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